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The world of consumer Windows (tm) is not an easy one. So many PC configurations and individual software requirements. Where do you begin.

ecso offer all the services you need, Sales Service and Support. Whether you are looking to buy, upgrade, update, or have a PC repaired.

Simply contact us by whatever method you prefer (phone, fax, email, letter or visit).

PC problems can be to say the least frustrating, ecso can help you with its unique approaches.

' Format your C drive! and Reload Windows '

Bet that got you! Well ecso doesn't believe in this approach except as a last resort. Deleting Windows the Operating System (OS) is just not on. Its the easy way for many technicians who DO NOT want to understand your problem and fix it.

' Why change the engine on a car if it only needs new spark plugs! '

We can repair your many problems without the need to attend. We would simply sort these remotely but using your internet connection. And yes if you internet failure is the problem, we can usually still sort this quickly without the need for an engineer callouts.

For further information please email pcsales@ecso.co.uk



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